Best Tablet for Roblox

Tablets are the bridge between the big screen and smartphones. Indeed, they give smooth visuals and easy handling.

Roblox is a platform where anybody can create different Roblox games. To make your game more interesting, getting a fantastic screen quality is a real task.

And to get one you just have to look for the best tablets. Although the Apple iPad and tablets both work together to play Roblox. 

As we all know not everybody can afford the chief piece of Roblox compatible tablet. To provide the best gaming experience we come up with the best tablet for Roblox.

Top 6 Best Tablets for Roblox – Detailed Review

Roblox is compatible with ios, amazon fire os devices, and Android devices to play multiple Roblox games. Let’s talk about our top 6 best gaming tablets.

2020 Apple Ipad Air


  • Model IPad air
  • Generation 4th
  • Screen size 10.9 inches
  • Operating system IPad OS
  • Camera 12 MP photos 4k videos
  • Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
  • USB-C connector


Everyone wants to play games created by themselves with an amazing apple tablet. Here your wish will be fulfilled when you get your hands on the best apple iPad air. Moreover, it has beautiful different colors. You may choose your favorite ones.

For Apple users, this apple iPad air brings ideal performance for playing Roblox. Your iPad Air is 100% safe because it has a fingerprint touch ID for security and apple pay. 

Also, the iPad OS works as a perfect engine because of the A14 Bionic chip with a neural engine.

This Apple iPad has an amazing audio system that gives a perfect amount of audio that suits your ear Because it has wide stereo audio.

Display & battery

Visuals seem real when you play Roblox on your Apple iPad air. It has a stunning 10.9-inch retina display with an amazing texture of the screen.

Click your amazing pictures with the best camera of iPad air. It has a 12 MP back camera, a 7 MP Facetime HD front camera. Now make your calls to loved ones easily with the help of facetime.

Gaming without interruption of errors is the best. Continuously play Roblox on this iPad air that will give 10 hours battery life. But never use this one while charging.


Connect your device to transfer the Roblox game creation platform with other Apple devices with the help of Bluetooth. And the USB-C connector will help you in charging your iPad. 

Furthermore, it supports a keyboard for easy typing and a smart keyboard as well. Also for feasibility in writing, they are offering an apple pen (2nd generation).

Final Words

You can count this Apple iPad air as a promising Roblox tablet. because it gives a fine performance with the best processing power. It guarantees excellent build quality with the perfect display and perfect capturing.

  • Ideal display
  • Neural engine
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Good graphics
  • Supports keyboard
  • Not for android users
  • Sharp screen
  • Expensive

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


  • Series Tab S7
  • Screen size 11 inches
  • Operating system Android 10
  • Memory 128 GB
  • Weight 1.1 lb
  • Display resolution 2560 x 1600 TFT
  • Resolution 11.0″
  • Processor octa-core
  • External memory microSD to 1TB
  • Internal memory 6/8GB RAM


Already done with the big screen to play Roblox? Don’t worry now you can get yourself a Samsung galaxy tab s7 to play mobile games as well.

Galaxy tab s7 gives a high-quality performance that proves that it is the best android tablet. it will convert your tablet into the PC experience with the DeX mode. Also, you can take the keyboard support with an expanded trackpad to make it easier.

Galaxy tab s7 comes up with the best visuals for gaming. a person will be experiencing cinematic views with large edge-to-edge displays.

As well as that, playing Roblox with the TFT LCD screen, and AKG quad-speaker with Dolby Atmos surround sound is a forever dream of every game lover. Now your dreams are coming true.

Nonetheless, galaxy tab s7 has an s pen to make touch smooth without hurting your finger. S pen has 9ms Pen latency which makes writing easier. 

You easily note and present anything without effort. This s7 has stunning brightness and clarity on the screen. 

Display & Battery

Along with perfect camera quality, Capture your beauty with the incredible retina display. For instance, wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back, 8MP front camera. 

For gaming, a tab must have a good battery life so the Samsung galaxy tab s7 comes with an amazing battery life that may vary depending on the network environment, usage, and other factors.

Charge it once and use it for hours. Also, it comes up with a USB charger for fast charging.


Transferring data is the safest option to use an android tablet to other smart Samsung devices. And Wi-Fi connection will help you to download any Roblox games on your Galaxy tablet. 

Sync your Samsung galaxy tab s7 with the other Samsung devices to share contact numbers. 

Wi-Fi will help you to connect to Netflix and live stream because streaming is a charm of demanding games. Bixby will help you to connect anything easily with a commanding voice.

Final Words

Samsung galaxy tab s7 will give you high-quality mobile gaming with an excellent full HD display. Good Roblox tablets are available in the market with the best specification android tablet.

  • Good battery life
  • Great multitasking tool
  • Clear visuals
  • Charge fast
  • Ideal performance
  • S pen included
  • Connections available
  • Good camera quality
  • No headphone jack
  • Battery capacity low

Samsung Tab S6 Lite 4.7


  • Series Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite
  • Screen size 10.4
  • Display resolution 2000 x 1200 TFT
  • Operating system android
  • Memory 128 GB
  • Weight 1.02 lbs
  • Internal memory 4 GB RAM
  • External memory MicroSD


Finding the best tablet for Roblox for playing Roblox games. then you’re here at the perfect place to pick your best tablet. android tablets are user-friendly that allow easy downloading to play Roblox.

Indeed, the Samsung galaxy tab comes with high-quality performance with fantastic screen quality. The body of this Samsung tablet for Roblox is sleek and amazing, made up of a slim metal design that is so light in weight.

Also, you can easily put this best tablet in your bag to carry anywhere. Moreover, it controls multiple windows from all the devices with Samsung galaxy tab s6 like a boss.

Display & Battery

No more tired eyes from now because this Samsung galaxy tab provides a crystal-clear display for a beautiful view. Also, AKG dual speakers give a perfect Dolby Atmos sound in your surroundings.

It will cover two angles for easy viewing. No matter where you’re using your galaxy tab s6, you just have to adjust the screen to watch anything you like or play Roblox.

Samsung galaxy tab s6 is offering 12 hours battery life for day and night chasing and inspiring experience without charging it frequently. But battery life varies depending on the environment and the pattern of your usage.


Connect with your family and friends with the help of this Samsung galaxy tab s6. And sync up your contacts with multiple devices also, you can see a hotspot while creating and sharing content.

S pen attaches magnetically and is ready to use. And it will give you an easy writing experience and edit and customize photos and videos.

Final Words

Samsung galaxy tab never disappoints a user with its amazing build quality. Because it has the best tablet features included such as design, long-lasting battery, best angle, and so on. Try yourself a marvelous Samsung galaxy tab s6 for the perfect Roblox game.

  • Clear screen
  • S pen included
  • Headphone jack
  • Enough space
  • Supports keyboard
  • Affordable
  • Bright screen
  • No compass
  • No HDMI

Fire Hd 10 Best Tablet for Roblox


  • Display 7″
  • Resolution 1024 x 600
  • CPU quad-core 1.3 GHz
  • Battery life up to 7 hours
  • Port micro-USB
  • Storage 16-32 GB
  • Weight 10.1 ounces
  • Camera 2 MP front-and rear-facing


Fire HD is one of the best tablets for playing Roblox. Including playing Roblox games it offers more features to connect with others. For instance, you use zoom, Spotify kindle, office, and so many more.

Enjoy your Roblox game with the amazing Fire HD tablet. Because it has a fast and powerful octa-core processor with 3 GB RAM, more RAM than the last one.

Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite app along with playing Roblox on this best tablet. Also, it provides a perfect volume in the hands-free as well if you’re in a mood for music. Alexa will entertain you if you want with the on/off toggle.

For easy multitasking, it splits the screen into different apps. Because it has new features for Fire OS that open two different apps at the same time.

Display & Battery

The brighter the display, the brighter the view. Yes, Fire HD’s best tablets for Roblox come with the Vivid 10.1″ 1080 full HD display that is brighter than the last generation. 

Also, the thinner and lighter screen made with the strengthened aluminosilicate glass gives a crystal-clear view.

Furthermore, the promising Roblox tablets have 12 hours of long-lasting battery life and 32-64 GB internal storage. But never use your tablet while it has a charger on.


Connect your device to Bluetooth for transferring data from other devices. and you can easily download any app or game with the help of Wi-Fi. Also, Alexa will help you to operate your tab with the help of a voice.

This excellent tablet shares emails updates the shopping list and sets a reminder for you. Also, this is not only for the tablet for Roblox because it can connect you with different apps for different purposes.

For instance, Microsoft Office, OneNote, and dropbox. Lastly, if you want to add more space to your excellent table then you can buy a separate SD card.

Final Words

Don’t forget to try these best tablets for Roblox to make your gaming more interesting. Fire HD tab is a multitasking and budget tablet. Enjoy!

  • Split screen
  • Bright display
  • Long last battery
  • HD display
  • Affordable
  • Faster
  • Difficult installation

Microsoft Surface Book


  • Series surface: project T-8F SC
  • Screen size 13.5 inches
  • Resolution 3000 x 2000 (267 pixels)
  • Memory speed 3733 MHz
  • USB ports 3
  • System windows 10 home
  • CPU Intel
  • Connectivity technology Bluetooth
  • Hard disk size 1 TB


Android and iOS are the real weapons to play Roblox but Microsoft is also a strong sword to play multiple online games. This software supports certain Roblox games and makes your gaming life interesting. 

If you’re thinking that Roblox compatible tablets are difficult to find then-No. You just have to find promising gaming tablets that fulfill all your demands.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is indeed a powerful laptop because it has a quad-core power, and 10th Gen intel core processor.

Get yourself this in-budget tablet with amazing graphics. It is powered by the NVIDIA GTX GeForce GPU.

Display & Battery

Your eyes will feel the smooth texture when you look at this one of the best tablets for Roblox or any other use. Because it is known as a robust laptop, powerful tablet, and portable studio. Yes, all in one!

A foremost thing while getting your hands on the best tablets is the battery. This Microsoft is offering 15.5 hours battery life. You can charge when you need to but never use it while charging. 


To transfer data and connect charger while out this Microsoft comes with the USB-A, USB-C, Ans full-sized SD card slot. You can insert an SD card to save your memories.

And for portable charging, you can comfortably use a USB wire with a power bank.

Final Words

Never thought of this comfortably in Microsoft software. Indeed, this model comes with flexible features and performance for playing games.

running Roblox games in this one is easier than the big screens. Happy shopping!

  • Faster
  • Powerful
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Portable studio
  • Easy connections
  • Ideal windows
  • Quick speed
  • Device gets hot

Chuwi Hi10 X Tablet


  • Series Hi10
  • Generation 9th
  • Screen size 10.1 inches
  • Window 10
  • Memory 128.0 GB
  • Weight 1.15 lb
  • Resolution 1920 x 1200
  • RAM 6GB
  • Hard drive 128 GB
  • Battery life 6 hours


Never thought that playing games on tablets would be so easy when I got this CHUWI. Whenever you buy a table make sure about the processing power.

CHUWI has been preferred Roblox tablet because it comes with a quad-core processor that is Hi10 with Intel Gemini-lake N4120 CPU. 

Moreover, you can easily use it to play games and watch anything you want.  As well as that CHUWI the best tablets have a stuttering excellent speaker portable for listening to music.

You can open so many tabs at the moment because it has a large capacity and built-in LPDDR4 6Ram.

The 128 GB storage capacity will save your every data and supports SD cards as well to expand more memory. Its decent performance makes it more charming.

Display & Battery

Enjoy every bit of playing games in this CHUWI because it has a 10-inch FHD IPS panel. 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and 16:10 widescreen will give you a consistent view and rich colors.

There is no Roblox compatibility with this one because it provides a perfect enjoyment of prime video, Netflix, and TV. 

This CHUWI gives perfect battery timings to play games. Always a good Roblox tablet has at least 10 hours of battery life. But never put your gadget in direct sunlight and also, don’t use it while it’s charging.

Lastly, it has a 9th Gen intel graphic 600 along with a great battery life with the battery 24.05Wh which is perfect for most games.


Connect your best tablet for Roblox with the ports given for charging. This CHUWI comes with a keyboard and pen attachment with the help of a magnet.

To play Roblox you can use keyboards and to write or draw you can use a Hi pen. The Hi pen has a pressure of 4096 levels.  As well as that you can insert headphones into the jack to listen to music.

Final Words

CHUWI is a good tablet to play games and watch movies or shows. because it has good battery timings and easy features. But you have to insert an SD card for more storage capacity.

  • Good battery
  • Pen included
  • Smooth touch
  • Enough space
  • Good operating system
  • Speakers are not good

Best Tablet for Roblox – Buying Guide

Whenever you get your hands on the tablet to play Roblox, make sure about the specification and performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing an android tablet or Apple iPad.

But features and performance do matter. It seems like Apple iPad are difficult to operate but no, once you get your hands on you will love them too.

Besides, your tablet should have a good resolution, display screen, larger screen, and comfy visuals. Let’s talk about the best consideration that we should look at while buying the best tablets for Roblox.

Display & Camera

A tablet whether it’s Apple iPad, iPad mini, Samsung galaxy tab s7, and other smart Samsung devices. If your tablet does have good visuals then you are losing something.

At least you should enjoy the look of the screen while gaming. If your tablets have a good display then your eyes will feel free from any pain.

Usually, the higher resolution requires more power which may reduce the running time. But differentiation in 1080p from 4k n 7-10 inch display.

But for the perfect resolution for iPad mini, Apple iPad, and android tablets may vary from generation to generation. Laggy poor quality makes the model worse.

So, if you want a sharp resolution consider 1920 x 1080 screen resolution specifically to pay and watch movies or tv shows.

And for higher resolution especially for Samsung galaxy tab s7, a7, and iPad mini and iPad pro-resolution would be 2048 x 2732.

Moreover, investing in the Apple ecosystem is a great option but make sure about the resolution. For the Apple iPad mini consider 264 PPI with the highest pixel. and for iPad pro, you can consider 2048 x 1536 resolution.

Storage Capacity

To download anything on your tablet, Apple iPad mini, and iPad pro must have enough storage capacity. Because your gadget will start running slow once it gets full.

Apple iPad mini doesn’t have enough space to play big games but iPad pro has. As well as that your augmented reality apps take a lot of space so considering this factor is necessary.

The powerful processors of apple iPad pro and mini have an M1 chip, surface pro’s intel chip, and amazon fire quad-core CPU. Whereas Samsung has Qualcomm processors.

Your tablet at least has 8 GB RAM to max 16 GB for better downloading in apple iPad pro and android pie OS.

For onboard storage 64 GB, -128 GB is ideal. Apple tablets don’t allow SD cards but Android does.

Although an SD card is a lifesaver to extend your memory, usually the Apple iPad Pro has enough space without even an SD card. 

eBooks greatly build the quality of your important data by saving it on your tablet for a long time and giving you the best screen quality.

Battery Life 

Battery timing helps to gain the reputation of the product. Everyone gets irritated by charging the device again and again. Your tablets must have a min 12 hours.

Never ignore this factor and always remember don’t ever put your gadget in sunlight and once it is getting warm give them rest.

Screen size

Yet another factor to be considered while buying. The typical screen size is an 8-inch diagonal. Very big and very small can irritate your eyes while gaming.

So always consider the size you want and the person who is going to operate the tablet. For instance, a kid or an adult to make sure it is fitting in their hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are your answers about the best tablets for Roblox. So, you can pick the best one.

Can You Play Roblox on Any Tablet?

Yes, but for a good game, you just have to pick the one that has a powerful processor with a large RAM. A table has a high-resolution display, enough storage capacity. Moreover, talent must have a good battery that lasts for a long time.

Can Fire Tablets Play Roblox?

You can enjoy Roblox on every device, for instance, android, and apple tablets and even you can play on amazon fire tablets. The app is completely free with a variety of games.

How Do You Send Friend Requests on a Roblox Tablet Addition?

A very easy way to send a request. follow these steps:
1.Press the home button at the screen bottom
2.Then tap the icon on the top
3.Type the name of the person you want to send the request
4.Then tap on send friend request option.

Is Roblox Better to Play on a Tablet or Pc?

Although Roblox can be played on different devices as I have suggested in the above article. The PC is comfy because of a big screen but it takes a lot of space.  So, I prefer Roblox mobile, tablets, and Apple iPad would be better options.

Why Is Roblox Very Laggy on Tablets?

Never forget to check the graphic while getting a tablet. Toggle the graphic quality before lowering the level. The powerless device may give choppy gameplay. Or else you can restart the system.

Does Roblox on a Tablet Use a Lot of Data?

You can use 300 MB per hour for playing which is more than enough for Minecraft users. Other than that, you can use 100 MB for other games. So, 100-300 MB is enough data. It is not a very big hassle your device will never be hanging

Why Does Roblox Lag on a Tablet but Not on an iPad?

Because iPad doesn’t update IOS or mite for Roblox app. If it is then you have to wait for a good connection. Networks are one of the most important factors when it comes to Roblox.
So keep updating. Also, if you close the background tabs on your tablet then it will help as well.

How Do I Get Roblox Studio on a Tablet?

Oh, not that difficult. just go to the website and log in then visit many games, click the upright corner of your screen then press the edit option.  You will see the appearance of Roblox studio installation.

What Is a Good Tablet Under 100 That Can Run Roblox?

There are many devices in the market for playing Roblox but we have reviewed the top 6 best tablets for Roblox. A good tablet is defined as a tablet that has a good specification, display size, and good screen resolution.
And I would suggest you the android tablet under 100 budget tablets. And to get one click on the link.


To get entertained and active, everyone needs to play games like Roblox. And for that, you just have to pick one of the best tablets for Roblox.

when you get your own Roblox tablet then you will easily play the game whenever you want. And I am pretty sure that you will get the best one after going through this article.

You surely have a vast variety of choices. For instance, Apple, Android, and Microsoft tablets. But I would like to recommend to you my two favorite tablets.

And these are the 2020 Apple iPad Air and Samsung galaxy tab s7. Because it offers all the features that a good tablet should have. Happy shopping!

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