6 Best Tablets with Removable Battery: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you are too lazy to read, then Best Tablet with Removable Battery is Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO. There are very few tablets with removable batteries now, so it may be easier for you to choose from tablets under $ 150, which we described in detail in our article

The era of technology involves a long list of gadgets to be used such as a tablet with a removable battery. Tablets are great options for the elderly, office use, and children because of their giant display. There are plenty of tabs in which you can replace the battery, but not all of them are worthy.

Why Tablets Don’t Have Removable Batteries Anymore?

Factors to Consider When Buying Tablets with Replaceable Battery

The question about the best tablet with replaceable batteries can create a lot of confusion among the buyers. But, no worries, we are here to help you out.

Display Size

The actual purpose of buying this device can be its display size. If it’s not suitable for you, it will be a waste of money then. So it is better to look for the required display size before buying tablets in which you can replace the battery.


You don’t need to invest a considerable amount when buying tablets with replaceable batteries for gaming or entertainment only. But if it’s for some crucial purposes like an office or online working, go for the best tablet without worrying about the budget.


It is always a good idea to get a tablet with a removable battery that offers enough space along with expandable storage. It will be easier for you to store multiple files without worrying about the space.

Battery Life

A reliable tab with replaceable batteries will have about 11 hours, which is pretty suitable for any user. However, consider buying tablets with longer battery life so that you can enjoy the benefits of a device with flawless operations.

Reviews of 6 Best Tablets with Replaceable Batteries

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1 single tablet with Removable Battery

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1

A perfect choice for those who are tired of watching the small screens of smartphones. Because it comes up with 10.1-inch wifi and 64GB space with so many amazing built-in features. 100% durability with certified qualities.

No need to charge again and again because of its long-lasting battery that lasts up to 15 hours. as well as that replace it easily and charge it smoothly through built-in POGO pin. Moreover, the Samsung pro screen is water-resistant.

Write down on the tab with a smooth texture IP68 certified Samsung S pen. And don’t forget to click photos with the UHD camera and AR. I promise it will give you a crystal clear quality picture.

Furthermore, a fingerprint scanner and facial recognization will keep your tab private. Lastly, don’t worry about the security of your data because dense grade security will protect all the data right.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro unboxing video

  • Water-resistant
  • Replaceable battery
  • Biometric access
  • Secure
  • S pen available
  • No sim card capability

Further, all tablets with a non-removable battery. Since these tablets are no longer made, I have compiled a selection of good devices at an affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

If you are in search of a tablet with replaceable batteries that can run for about 13 hours, this is the best option. You can watch your favorite movies and videos or play games for as long as you want. The screen is 8 inches long which is not huge, but it can be an excellent search result for kids. For incredible sounds, you can undoubtedly choose this beauty because it supports powerful speakers.

It is a compact, robust, and stylish choice for any user. Moreover, its 32 GB storage allows you to save your files and videos without any worries.

  • Aluminum back with a sleek design
  • Supports sensor accelerometer
  • Minimum bezel for an excellent view
  • Incredible battery life of 13 hours
  • Expandable storage to 512 GB for media and games
  • The front of the tab is of glass, which is sensitive to damages

Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ (2019, WiFi + Cellular) Full HD Corner-to-Corner Display, 32GB 4G LTE Tablet & Phone (Makes Calls) GSM Unlocked SM-T515, International Model (32 GB, Black)

Samsung Galaxy A10 is famous for its cinematic view. The tablet is lightweight and portable with efficient, power batteries as well. In addition, A10 is an excellent choice as a tablet with a removable battery because of its powerful performance and efficient camera results, which is not common in all devices.

Moreover, the tablet comes with a Samsung kids function, allowing you to monitor and control your kid’s activity. So it is a perfect gift option for your kid with all the essential features and even expandable storage if you want.

  • Sufficient screen size
  • Easy to carry because of its lightweight
  • The average battery life is 14 hours
  • It doesn’t allow calling

Lenovo Tab 4

Lenovo tab four is highly recommended for any family member. Users of any age can enjoy using this tablet for related purposes. The widescreen display of 10.1 inches is what attracts the user. It comes with an octa-core processor for smooth and powerful performance.

The tab allows you to create multiple accounts so that the entire family can use them. Its 32 GB efficient storage lets you download any video and store your files anytime. The camera results of this tablet with a replaceable battery are also good so that you can capture your precious moments.

  • Captures selfies and pictures with even dim light
  • Supports Dolby Atmos Studio
  • Offers multiple accounts for the entire family
  • Features a sleek design
  • Bluetooth for convenient file sharing
  • Not properly unlocked tab

Dell Latitude

Dell latitude can be the best choice of 2021 if looking for a large display tablet with a removable battery. With a screen size of 123 inches, it can provide you with a remarkable experience so that you can watch movies and play games. The tab is famous for its best cinematic view.

As it features a 7th generation intel core processor, the performance is commendable, along with the non-reflective and robust glass front. In addition, Dell Latitude is a classic option because of its massive storage of about 256 GB. Moreover, the tablet can be folded as it has 360 hinge movement for convenient and safe usage.

  • Folding to a tablet for easy usage
  • Anti-reflective, protective, and crystal-clear glass front
  • Features windows 10 professional operating system so that you can add a keyboard and a pen for accessibility.
  • Playing long videos is possible anytime
  • Long-term investment 
  • Wi fi connectivity is a bit weak

Huawei MediaPad

For a flawless view, the Huawei media pad is the right and reasonable choice in 2021. With a widescreen display of 9.6 inches, the tablet with a removable battery can make your movie or game time exceptional. It also provides you with extended usage time because of its powerful battery life.

With 16 GB space which is enough for your files and pictures, the tablet also comes with a lightweight and sleek body. It makes the tab attractive and portable so that you can carry it anywhere. Moreover, it is not too sensitive to damages which means it can last for years.

  • Wide display        
  • Performance power with no hanging
  • Highly durable
  • Expandable storage with micro-SD
  • Bluetooth sharing for convenient file transfer
  • No sim card because its international model


How long can the batteries of tablets last?

It depends on the model, as every tablet with a removable battery, has different battery life. Most top-rated options have an average battery life of about 11-12 hours.

Is it good to buy a tablet with a removable battery?

Yes, it is. A tablet with a replaceable battery is always a good choice because you can instantly change the battery when the old one dies. In addition, it means you can keep using the device for as long as you want, even in challenging situations where you don’t have an option to charge your tablet.

How to know if the battery needs to be changed?

When you notice an inadequate performance of the battery, consider replacing it to save your time and prevent mishaps.

Is there a tablet with a replaceable battery?

Toshiba Thrive tablet is the only tablet present that has a replaceable battery. It contains all the basic features in it.

Does Samsung Galaxy have a removable battery?

No, Samsung Galaxy S7 has no option to remove a battery. If there are issues with the battery, then you have to contact the Samsung Service Provider.

Can you take the battery out of a Samsung Tablet?

Samsung Tablet is a unibody device. It has an internal battery that can not be taken out.

Why is there no removable battery?

Nowadays, most of the new phones and tablets do not have a removable battery. This is because it is considered a premium-feeling material in the design of the new tablet and phones.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty challenging sometimes to get an appropriate tablet with a removable battery. Therefore, we have tried to cover the buying guide and reviews of the best tab options of 2021. All these options are ideal, but you can choose the best one after reading the article. Grab the one that has high ratings along with the related features.

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