Best tablet under 400

It is no secret that mobile phones and tablets have their own restrictions. However, if you want to cross these barriers and are looking for the best solution then you should read this comprehensive guide on the best tablets under 400. As we know that the prices of the technology products are ever-increasing, you will be amazed to know that still very high quality and high-end tablets are available for sale online that you can purchase easily.

We have done hours of research and found the best tablets under $400 that will not burden your pocket and provide you with the best experiences.

2021 Apple 10.2

It is a wonderful Apple product available in the market that supports Wi-Fi and has a gorgeous 10.2-inch retina display. The multi-touch display is very awesome that makes it possible for you to do everything in a very simple way. This portable tablet is white thin and has very long battery life.

Whether you want to use Apple iPad as a mobile scanner notepad for the canvas. This versatile Apple iPad will never leave you alone. Moreover, you can use it for professional processes and run ads on it to Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Office and various other similar heavy apps.

In short, it can become the go-to device that you can use for everything from watching TV movies to using it in an office. The size of this iPad is at the right price point because it has all the features that can make it your best friend everywhere in your home, office, and commutes.


  • 10.2-inch retina display with true tone
  • A12 Bionic chip with a neural engine
  • 1080 HD video recording
  • 8-megapixel photo camera
  • compatible with smart keyboards
  • supports 4G LTE cellular
  • compatible with apple pencil (1st generation)
  • Compact size
  • Long battery life
  • Wi-fi compatible
  • perfectly box with professional software like Adobe Photoshop
  • Set up is a bit difficult to understand

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Are you in search of a high-quality Microsoft tablet that supports Windows 10 but with low weight? Then this amazing Microsoft product with a 10.5″ touch screen and battery life is perfect for you that you can use for shopping emails, officework as well as browsing on the internet.

The most prominent features of this tablet are its versatility, adjustable kickstand, and portability. It is also very high-end protection that can keep you connected with its high performance. You can easily use it to keep up the way you want and enjoy the biggest screen that you can use to learn, write and sketch as well.

Moreover, it can turn out to be a perfect choice for the whole family due to its similar safe and secure features such as parent manage the screen time options content filtering features, etc. It is an Intel Pentium gold product with a capacity of up to 128 GB.

A High-resolution touch screen, USB C-port, headphone jack, and HD front and rear-facing cameras are some of the features that make it super suitable for playing, watching movies, and internet browsing purposes. Currently, you can also avail free upgrade to Windows 11.


  • 64GB/128GB SSD memory storage capacity
  • 10.5″ touchscreen with pen input
  • Intel Platinum gold processor 4425 Y
  • Intel HD graphics 615
  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • lightweight
  • fast and efficient
  • free upgrade available
  • high storage and capacity
  • compact design
  • Not portable due to large size
  • instruction manual hard to read

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Are you in search of an affordable Samsung product buy Samsung electronics? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 light what for you as it is available only at $350. The inclusion of the S pen is a wonderful feature so that you can easily write notes and personalize photos and videos. This pen is magnetically attached to your tablet and comes up with the product. So you do not need to buy it separately and enjoy the sleek and lightweight tablet with customized writing features.

With one UI connectivity, you can use it to get connected and sync with multiple devices and increase your photos with Galaxy Tab S6 lite. Moreover, it can also serve as your hotspot device and allows you to share content all at once.

If you want to know its battery life, remember that the battery power consumption totally depends on the user’s pattern and the hours may vary. However, the average battery power of this 64GB product is 10 hours.

It would be right to say that this is a very wonderful Android tablet that will never disappoint. If you are planning to purchase a number that has an Android operating system and you can get a lot with little compromise display is definitely great and it is totally up to you to choose between LCD vs OLED and vibrant pictures & videos that are better than any other tablet.

Remember that the highest resolution of the screen is 1080 p for the users whose use mainly for media consumption. For example, YouTube web surfing reading documents books video calls. You can use it for the whole day and night without worrying about its lifespan.


  • 10.4 standing screen display size
  • 1920 X 1200 pixels screen resolution
  • 2000 X 1
  • 200 Max screen resolution
  • 64GB ram and 64GB hard drive
  • Bluetooth supported wireless type
  • average battery life is 10 to 13 hours
  • Android operating system
  • 4GB flash memory size
  • come up with an S pen
  • long battery life
  • high screen resolution
  • lightweight
  • design is unattractive

Microsoft Surface Go

Amazon qualified supplier products are professionally inspected and tested before they are sold to the common people. One such amazing product is the new Microsoft Surface Go Intel Pentium gold tablet that is recently renewed. It is a perfect product with no visible cosmetic imperfections

Here it is worth mentioning that you may not get original accessories, however, everything will be fully functional. Even if you are not satisfied with the final product you can easily ask for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt. So remember that this product is under the Amazon renewed guarantee and will definitely meet all of your demands.

Do not worry if the product comes in a generic box. Just check its functionality because it is professionally tested by Amazon.


  • 128 GB flash memory solid state hard drive
  • display 10.2 inch
  • 9-hour average battery life
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Pentium gold processor
  • Max screen resolution is 1800 x 1200 pixels
  • 4GB of RAM
  • HD 615 Graphics Coprocessor
  • Has Amazon Renewed Guarantee
  • supports had graphics
  • best both for domestic and professional purposes
  • high functionality
  • Comes in a generic box
  • does not look branded.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is the most iconic and the most popular product available at online marketplaces for sale. It is even competing the Apple iPad and Apple iPad mini and is one of the best tablets under 400. the most important feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 is that is super slim and even lighter than a pound.

Eye-catching metal design, captivating display, and a 10.5-inch screen with a very fast charging capacity, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 has become a very useful tablet that is available for under 400 dollars.

The most important feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E is its very long battery time that allows you to create 15 hours of video one is fully charged; moreover it quickly power-up.

Now Samsung Electronics is providing Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E with 4 months of ad-free YouTube and YouTube music.

The screen is extremely beautiful and the Wi-Fi performance is also exceptional.


  • display 10.5 inch
  • 2560 X 1600 display resolution
  • Quad + Akg + Dolby Atmos audio
  • .88 pound weight
  • octa-core processor
  • 64 GB/ 128 GB internal memory
  • microSD up to 512 GB external memory
  • Both Bluetooth and smart keyboard supported
  • Wi-fi compatibility
  • lightweight
  • high external memory
  • beautiful screen
  • long battery time up to 15 hours
  • Slippery touch

Acer Chromebook R 13

Acer Chromebook r13 is convertible to tablet and has an edge over the Apple iPad mini due to its 13.3 inch full HD touch. this Chromebook Plus tablet once on the Chrome OS which is the Google Operating system. The best part about it is that it comes up with built-in virus protection and is automatically boosted and updated, so you can enjoy its long life and more quick activity when it is connected to the internet.

As it is run by the Google Operating system you can enjoy Google applications with more advanced features and get access to reach library of applications music movies TV books magazines and games.

In fact, it serves as an all-in-one device because all Google apps come standard on this Chromebook.

Another extra feature of this Acer Chromebook r 13 that gives it an edge over the other devices run by Chrome OS, is that it has an additional 100 GB of Google drive space with automatic backup features in this way the users can enjoy open access to their important files.

Moreover, you can also easily download, edit and convert Microsoft Office files on cloud-based Google documents, sheets, and slides.

If you are a lover of Google Workspace, then this product should be your number one choice. It is undoubtedly the best convertible with a large screen that can easily replace your Chromebook flip.

However, there are a few major things that you must consider before purchasing it:

It is heavy and big because it has a 14-inch laptop with a 13-inch display. So apparently it seems a bit weird to use it as a tablet. However, it is useful if you need to use it in landscape mode. Overall the weight and size should not be an issue for you, especially if you’re satisfied with its 1920 x 1280 panel, brightness, sharpness, and other high-performance features.

The touchpad is also much smooth, solid, and responsive. Tap-to-click is enabled by default.

Overall best build quality and design are quite attractive which makes it the number one choice of most people looking for large-screen products. Keep in mind that after 10 uses USB type C charging and comes up with power doctor which has to sections and total length of 12 ft with 1 in x 1.5 in x 4 in brick in the middle.

Overall it looks similar to the Lenovo tab and has 4GB of ram. It is undoubtedly the perfect choice for both business and personal purposes.

The reason is you can easily open your website in the browser due to its high-performance touch and large screen.

As people actively purchase this amazing tab from Amazon, the customers can get a full refund if the product is damaged in the open box all the product has missing parts. However, no complaints will be entertained 30 days after you receive the shipment.


  • 13.3-inch standing screen display size with touch id
  • 1920 X 1080 pixels Max screen resolution
  • The average battery life is 12 hours
  • The operating system is Chrome OS
  • processor count is 1
  • 4GB computer memory size
  • 100% metal body
  • high-performance features
  • solid and responsive
  • large screen for ebook reading
  • highly supports Google Workspace
  • lack of portability

2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Introduced for the first time in 2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab a if the most interesting product of the pre-pandemic era. In this product, Samsung electronics have tried their best to provide the users with the best gaming and streaming HD content experiences. Built with 10.1 INCH DISPLAY and 1920 X 1200 resolution, the 2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab can provide you with an immersive entertainment experience.

It is undoubtedly an amazing tablet for home, office, and tours because it can work well with or without Wi-Fi and has a perfectly mirrored screen for reading, gaming, and smart TV watching. As it uses type C micro USB it can be a great overall tablet for many uses.

Once you order this program you will be amazed to see the brand new excellent and wallet and wonderful package.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy tablet also makes it super easy for you to download your device applications and adjust the text size while reading the ebooks.

Being a perfect combination of fast response and power efficiency, you can confidently use it for multitasking because it delivers smooth response and reveals stunning graphics whenever you search for them.


  • 10-inch display
  • 1920 X 1200 resolution
  • 128 GB internal storage space
  • 3GB ram
  • quad-core processor
  • micro SD card slot for expanding memory
  • ultra path 802.11 AC Wi-Fi 5
  • 5-megapixel front camera
  • 8 megapixel autofocus rear camera
  • Exynos 7904A processor
  • Android 9 Pie operating system
  • AMOLED display
  • fingerprint sensor
  • battery time is up to 13 hours
  • dual HD cameras for photos and face to face chat
  • only with Wi-Fi and does not work if you need internet access outside the wi-fi.

Google Pixel Slate

Google pixel slate is the best tablet under 400 which is sold by Google and has both personal and business uses. the core purpose of Designing this product is to deliver brilliant entertainment and portable performance.

It gives the uses of golden chance to enjoy favorite movies and videos because it has 12.3 in molecular display and 6 million pixels.

As it is a Google product, Chrome OS is its operating system, thus you can enjoy powerful multitasking along with the excellent utilization of the Google collaboration applications like Google documents, sheets, and slides.

The stunningly amazing feature of this Google product is the Wide Angle lens so that you can keep everyone in view and enjoy the best image even in the low light.

The battery shows variable performance depending on its uses such as the battery mein get consumed quickly when you watch videos while its productivity is comparatively higher during web browsing or offline usage.

The full-size backlit keyboard is highly adjustable for laptops, tablets, and even in entertainment mode. This amazing convertible tablet also allows you to proceed with various tools including multi-window browsing and split-screen.


If you want to know about storage specifications you should remember that they depend on its formatting. Its original formatted capacity is usually not great and is comparable to iPad mini.

The price range of this product is anywhere around $400. its interface is quite different than the Windows tablet and resembles the Android tablet.


  • 12.3 inches screen size
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • 8GB RAM
  • Intel Core CPU manufacturer
  • 2 Right / Left dual coil speakers
  • Two USB-CTM for charging
  • Chrome OS operating system
  • 8-megapixel rear webcam resolution
  • battery life is up to 10 hours from a single charge
  • 4K display output
  • clear crisp big screen
  • Android apps do not run smoothly

Microsoft Surface 3

Are you in search of an education and business laptop with an Intel quad-core processor? this is the best education and business product anyone can have because this brand new surface 3 comes with Intel Atom CPU.

However, it is not a good device for computer professionals because it does not allow you to learn AutoCAD Photoshop, etc.

However, if you are just starting your education career or business, this can be the entry-level tablet that you can use to enjoy full HD 1920 X 1280 resolution.

It comes with perfect OS compatibility and has a memory with 4GB ram and storage is 64GB SSD. the previous version of this Microsoft product was with storage of 32GB but now it has improved.

If you are looking for a product that supports standard Wi-Fi protocol then you should confidently purchase surface 3. It will not only allow you to get connected to the wireless network but can also work in collaboration with Bluetooth devices including keyboards, printers, headsets and mice.

It supports Windows 10 professional 64 bit and can easily be turned into a computer so that your kids, family members, and other students can enjoy browsing the internet.

If you have downloaded Google Chrome, you can easily open any educational website in this browser.

It has the potential to become a regular device for your children for online studies. a great boost in its sales is observed after and during the pandemic.

The metal body and AMOLED display along with fingerprint sensor makes it the perfect device with a high-quality front camera and 2MB Cache.


  • 10.8-inch screen size
  • supports Windows 10 Professional operating system
  • 64GB SSD storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • 3.5-megapixel front-facing camera
  • 8-megapixel rear-facing camera
  • 1.41-pound weight
  • comes with a micro SD card reader
  • battery life is up to 10 hours
  • 5th generation Microsoft product
  • bit expensive version of Chromebook


HUION has always surprised tablet lovers with its high-quality products. Available in black color, this amazing Kamvus Pro 16 is a graphics drawing tablet with a full laminated screen that provides you with outstanding visuals. Its 15.6-inch full laminated screen provides the users with full HD resolution so that they can enjoy it both for professional as well as daily life graphic designing needs.

With this amazing tablet, you can enjoy immersive viewing with maximum clarity and fineness. Another amazing addition is the IPS panel and anti-glare glass which is perfectly designed for graphic designing purposes and provides the users with high-quality images by reducing the reflections and glare.

Once you will see the images and graphics on this tablet you will be motivated that the colors are very brilliant and true-to-life.

If you want to become a professional graphic designer or a photographer and looking for the perfect tablet, you can use this product.

It can help you deliver the color accuracy you need for all of your content creation needs including graphic designing products, attractive visuals, and photographs.

The battery-free pen PW 507 provides advanced performance and feels like a regular pencil. The accuracy of this pen can be determined from the fact that it comes up with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity along with virtually lag-free tracking.

Till now, it has helped many professionals by optimizing the workflow as the keyboard has a set of 6 customized Express keys that make it super easy to zoom in and out, adjust the brush size.

Thus, help in saving you time and make you more productive while proceeding with the designing tasks. The importance of the Kamvus pro has even increased in this pandemic when professionals and art lovers are actively investing their time by using high-quality tablets.

The best part about Kamvus Pro is that it provides high-quality connection and compatibility because you can easily connect it with 3 in 1 USB C cable and enjoy its connection with laptops and computers.

Remember that it is highly compatible with windows 7 Mac OS 10.12 and Chrome OS 88. as it is a fully professional tool you can easily use creative software like clip studio paint Lightroom and Photoshop.


  • The optimal resolution is 1080 X 1920
  • 15.6 inches IPS screen size
  • 1.2 kg weight
  • 11.5 mm thickness
  • battery-free W 507 Digital pen
  • lightweight
  • supports graphic designing
  • outstanding visuals
  • brilliant color
  • compatible with creative software
  • When it’s connected to a Mac, it gets disconnected every 20-30 mins.

CHUWI UBook X 12

Available in u book X size, this is a unique tablet that can fuel your ideas with its next-gen processor. it is a 12-inch touchscreen tablet that has a keyboard as well as a stylish pen with a dual-core processor. Usually, it is available at the CHUWI store in grey color.

It is basically a Windows 10 Home operating device with a memory storage capacity of 8GB that you can use to enjoy a 2K resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio. the gorgeous 2K IPS panel is a very attractive thing for everyone because it detects color contrast attracts the users and gives you a clear and crisp picture.

Moreover, if you want to use it day and night and want never want to stop your entertainment during your holidays or in the upcoming Christmas season this long-lasting battery life will help you with that this amazing U book will accompany you for as long as possible.

Overall standby time of the battery is put to 20 hours and it can contain the space trim prime videos for up to four hours this reasonable battery life is particularly designed for detailed website browsing.

Keep in mind it also allows you to proceed with zero degrees to 150-degree adjustable angle, so that no matter which sitting position you adopt, you can always enjoy it using unending the flexible U molded section.


  • The hardware platform is PC
  • Windows 10 Home operating system
  • item weight is 3.69 lbs
  • 5-megapixel rear camera resolution
  • 256 GB flash memory size
  • DC power source
  • 4 processor count
  • supports web browsing
  • very long battery life up to 20 hours.
  • instruction manual is a mess

Final Verdict: Best tablets Under 400

Well, this was our detailed guide in which we have tried our best to guide you about the best tablets under $400. The most important thing that you must consider while purchasing cheap electronic products is that the specifications may vary as they directly depend on the price range. Moreover, every brand has its own way of charging customers.

For example, Surface Go tablets are cheaper than Microsoft surface or S6 lite Samsung tablets. However, you cannot find all the features in a single product because the main purpose of buying the tablets for under 400 dollars is that you become able to get the features of your choice.

Some have a better display than the others while others may come up with battery backup, bionic chip, better storage, intel core, or can be better in terms of RAM storage or camera quality.

So it is up to you to choose the best tablet that fits best to your unique needs. You can easily purchase any of them even if you are under budget and not in the position to burden your pocket.

By the way, now you have read about the best tablets under 400, which of them do you like the most? Which is the best tablet under 400 in your opinion?

Samsung Galaxy tab s5e or Apple iPad mini?

Make a quick comment right now and share your thoughts with us.


Which is the best tablet and cheapest?

Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible is the cheapest tablet available on Amazon that you can purchase only at $294. It runs on Chrome OS and has 360 degrees of flexibility.

Which tablet is the best quality?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e- 64GB, Wifi Tablet is the best product out of all the cheap tablets. It is the slimmest, lightest, and has excellent screen resolution.

Which is the best iPad or Android tablet?

Apple iPad is the best iPad that has gained the maximum approval of the buyers and has proved to be the most advanced and modern product.

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