Best Tablet for Reading Comics

Comic book reading is one of the best and most useful hobbies. Because it gains your humor and makes you more confident. It is an era of technology so everyone must know about the comic reading experience on tablets.

Tablets are cost-friendly and have all the features to make them more useful. So, your investment will never go wasted. Not necessary that you must have to buy the expensive one.

But you must have to look for the tablet that makes your comics read perfect. 

For instance, Your tablets for reading comics must have good qualities. And we come up with the treasured features to help you in finding the best tablets.

7 Best Tablets For Reading Comics

This is a high time when you have to read digital comics rather than traditional paper comics. Here we will be discussing in detail about the top 7 best tablets for reading comics.

2020 Apple Ipad Air

The iPad Air is the best choice for digital comic books. Because if you’re not an android user and don’t want your tablet to be hung in between reading then this is the best option.

Significant features

  • Retina display
  • Neural engine
  • Camera
  • Wifi 6
  • Connections
  • Battery life


Apple iPad constitutes the perfect 10.9-inch liquid retina to make a led display with p3 wide color. For the security of your device, this iPad comes up with a touch ID.

Comic readers will be amazed when they get their hands on this one with the choice of their color.

Sounds real with wide stereo audio and supports a keyboard for easy handling and writing.

Reading comic books is not an option on your tablet. Apple iPad Air is giving you such goals with its amazing battery life that is up to 10 hours.

Click your pictures with the 12 MP camera, and call your loved ones with the 7 MP Facetime HD front camera.

Why is it the best?

Apple iPad Air has the best tablet to read. Because it has all the useful features and is easy to operate.

Moreover, the Apple iPad has a different color of choice and good support for the keyboard, smart keyboard for easy typing.

As well as the iPad comes with a USB-C connection for charging purposes. Lastly, you can use an apple pencil (2nd generation) for your feasibility.

  • Clear display
  • Lightweight
  • Enough storage
  • User friendly
  • Faster and shinier
  • Battery life is not good

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung galaxy tab always comes up with charming features for the comic reading experience. It will never let you down with the performance and entertainment.

You will never need a bigger screen for reading, watching, and doing your work when you get a Samsung tab.

Significant Features

  • Dex mode
  • Optional keyboard
  • Screen type
  • S pen
  • Battery
  • Capturing
  • Bixby’s voice


Samsung tab is like that it is made up for reading comics. It has an 11-inch screen size, and 128 GB of storage space. You will have a PC experience with Dex mode.

Enjoy the cinematic view with the larger screen type and LCD. As well as that S7 has AKG quad speakers to turn your room into a theatre.

Along with the reading, you can play games as well because of this immersive screen, and the downloading system will force you to download the game and play. 

Nonetheless, you can watch Netflix, movies, and do live streaming. S pen has been improved 9s Pen latency to give you relaxation while noting something and while reading comics on your tab. 

If a tablet for reading comics doesn’t have good battery timing, then the game is not good. So, this Samsung galaxy tab has a long battery life on a single charge.

Why is it the best?

Samsung galaxy tab will capture your view with the amazing 13 MP and ultra-wide 5 MP dual back, along with the 8 MP front-facing cameras. Android OS never stops you from reading and gaming with its best performance.

You can sync and share content with other Samsung devices. You will love using this device for digital reading because of its full HD display, and all the features it has. Must try!

  • Ideal processor
  • Good storage
  • Clear resolutions
  • Easy writing
  • High powered
  • Clarity and brightness
  • Very clear sound
  • Heavy
  • Costly

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

If you’re habitual of comic book reading then you have to get this Samsung galaxy tab s6. It comes with the best features that make it perfect for comic books.

Significant features

  • S pen
  • Design
  • LCD
  • Connectivity
  • Windows
  • Battery


The android tablet that had a display, battery life, and immersing features that fulfill your needs is the best. Galaxy tab s6 lite has a sleek metal body that easily goes into your bag.

Watch anything any time with the vivid crystal clear display and read comics with the perfect view till you want because it has long battery life. The battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. 

If you’re reading a book and suddenly your Wi-Fi stops working then no worries it has a good connection for sharing hotspots and syncing up with multiple devices.

Control multiple windows with your Samsung tab at an affordable price. Reading comics with the tablet and laptop combo is a real gem because it has the best angle of viewing. No matter if you’re sitting or lying, it will give 100% comfort.

Why is it the best?

Samsung galaxy tab is the best tablet because it gives the perfect experience of reading comics with an HD display, outstanding battery life. 

Digital comics reading is leading now because printed collectible comic books are getting old now.

On such an affordable device google play store applications will provide you with any book you want. so go and buy yourself the best tablet for reading.

  • Ideal design
  • Battery life
  • Good quality display
  • Best angle
  • Good storage
  • Strong wifi
  • Screen is bright
  • No AMOLED screen

Fire Hd Tablet For Reading Comics

Reading Comic books is the best habit to have. We all should do some good things in our free time that makes our time productive.

This fire HD ten inches tablet is the best in everything. This tablet has a fresh and modern appearance. And have enough storage to download different graphic novels.

Significant features

  • Display size
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Applications
  • Easy calling
  • Octa-core processor
  • Micro SD card


Fire HD comes up with a 10.1 1080 display along with 32 or 64 GB of internal storage. Micro SD card enhances and extends the storage so you can download anything easily.

Moreover, its octa-core 2.0 GHz processor works faster than you think. charge once and use till you have finished reading comics. As well as that it has a good capturing because of 2 MP front camera with 720p HD video recording.

Download your favorite graphic novel and applications such as Netflix, Instagram, outlook, and OneNote. Stay connected with our family friends through emails, video calls, Zoom.

Furthermore, for faster charging you can avail USB-C cable and a 9W power adapter. Listen to your favorite music with a hands-free insert in the Headphone jack and watch any web movie with clear and sharp images.

Why is it the best?

Fire HD tablet is the finest for reading digital comics that come with good internal storage, a headphone jack, and sharp and clear images.

Comic apps are not difficult to find because you can download any application for watching movies, and the best comic reading experience. 

  • Smart power-saving technology
  • Micro sd slot is available
  • 30% faster processor
  • Quickly load rich graphics
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Too heavy
  • No screen sharing

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro

No more hassle of paper reading and collecting. The digital comic reading solution is here with an HD display and good cellular connectivity.

Significant Features

  • Display quality
  • Security
  • Durability
  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof tablet
  • UHD camera
  • Biometric access 


Read your comic on the perfect Samsung tab that has a 10.1-inch screen and 64 GB space to save so many things. Play store apps will provide you with the best GPS, barometer, fingerprint sensor.

Moreover, its durability is certified and tested for drops, shock, and vibration of the tablet. Indeed this is the best tablet for reading because it can bear dirt, mud, water, and altitude.

The water-resistant touchscreen will help you to function while it’s raining or you’re doing some work with water. This tablet is perfect for rain, cold, and clinical environments.

Samsung pen is IP68 certified will make your writing easy. Take pictures with the UHD camera which is crystal clear 13.0MP back and 8.0MP front.  Nobody can open up your tablet for reading without your biometric access. It has facial recognition as well if your hands are not free.

Why is it best?

Samsung Galaxy comes for comic book readers who read anywhere. for instance, in a car.  Its internal storage, LCD screen, and decent battery life make it the best digital comic book tool. Buy yours for the bigger screen and comfy reading.

  • Full HD display
  • Water-resistant
  • Best camera
  • Durable
  • Comfortable screen
  • Heavy

Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite Tablet

Huawei M5 offers the best features so I called it the best windows tablet. LCD display and powerful speakers help in reading comics and watching any show you want. 

It’s not a big task to get your hands on the best tablet for reading comics. Here Huawei presents with good battery life and ideal details.

Significant Features

  • Speakers
  • Capturing
  • M pen
  • 5 eye modes
  • Handling


Using Huawei M5 as the best tablet for reading for many years. It comes up with the best-designed and comfy handling. After the iPad mini, I found this m5 best because they both have a good speaker quality.

The efficient android tablet allows M-pen for the perfect drawing, painting, and noting important content in your tab. 

Reading comics in this one is easier with the help of an M pen that has advanced 2048 layer pressure sensitivity.

Your kids are not in harm with this one of the best tablets because it has eye comfort mode. You can read comics till late at night now. because it will dim your light to spare your eyesight.

Reading comics in blue light is very harmful to everyone’s eyes. But this will reduce the blue light automatically and will give you the reminder when this tablet is close to your kid’s face.

It has fewer art details for comic book fans. Because reading makes it interesting is a task for all the readers. 

Its native android version has the quad-speaker that will give you the vibe of the concert hall, more bass, and less distortion.

Huawei media pad has a 10.1-inch display for the perfect graphic novels. you can watch your favorite movies, shows, and play games. Charge it once and use it for a long.

Why is it the best?

Huawei media pad is saving you from harmful blue light and giving you amazing features. For instance, internal storage, best battery life, and outstanding performance to read comics.

  • Best sound
  • Reasonable
  • comfortable screen
  • M pen for feasibility
  • enough storage
  • Blurry screen

Dragon Touch Notepad K10

Now no more hassle to find a tablet for reading comics. And no more traditional paper reading to make your eyes tired. The dragon name itself is telling you the comprehension of the product.

Significant Features

  • Touch notepad
  • Android OS
  • Automatic adjustable light
  • Dual speakers
  • Wifi mode


Dragon quad-core processor 1.3 GHz with 2 GB RAM gives you a comfortable use. Dragon will help you in quicker app launches and comfy game playing along with the reading.

Notepad has been certified with GMS and android 9.0 Pie. No more irritation of ads, and easy access to google play apps.

Furthermore, a wide IPS display panel that is 800*1280 gives a bright and delicate view from all angles. You can adjust it with care mode if you want black light for a comic book reading at night.

Moreover, it has a good speaker quality for the robust audio and soothing music. Wi-Fi mode provides two types of network choice. for instance, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Browse your internet at your required speed.

Why is it the best?

The dragon has a slim and sleek metal body for a simple and elegant look. As well as that it has 32 GB storage up to 128 GB extended storage by micro SD Card. Download your favorite graphic novels to read comics on your best tablets for reading.

  • Easy to set
  • Metal body
  • Ideal wifi connection
  • Smooth touch
  • User friendly
  • The sound is not good

Best Tablet for Reading Comics-Buying Guide

Buying a new thing with plenty of varieties is a difficult task but to make it easier for you. We are here to guide you to the best considerations for the vivid and beautiful output.

Screen Type

The screen is the important factor for reading comics and the ideal type is either LCD with AMOLED technology or an IPS panel. The LCD display is best for the image and IPS compliments the color quality. Whereas the AMOLED technology is the best text for reading.


There are many sizes available in the market for tablets. But seven inches tablets and ten inches tablets are the most common. Ten inches have a good resolution because of the bigger size and seven inches will require a bit of zooming for a better view. 

Small screens will have a messy pixel and a poor resolution so pick up the decent size of the screen according to what you need.


Water-resistant is a life-saving feature to consider in your tablet. Because if your tablet drops somewhere in water and you touch your tablet with wet hands by chance your non-water-resistant tablet will stop working. So, always invest in a water-resistant tablet to get rid of any type of disadvantage.

Cellular Connectivity

Cellular connectivity is important for downloading your books and if you want to play or watch anything. A good Wi-Fi connection will help you to get the best comic book. 

USB C connection and hotspot facility will help you to connect with other devices if you lost your Wi-Fi. Normally when our Wi-Fi gets disconnected we feel irritated. It wastes our time as well so we should always buy one that has a good connection.

Battery Life

Decent battery life always provides a good quality time in your tablet so don’t forget to consider this one. For instance, you’re reading your book and it stops running because of your battery so you will get irritated by charging it again and again. 

Try to get the tablets that have 10-12 hours battery life. Never put your tablet in the direct sun because UV light might harm your battery and screen. Also, never use your tablet while it’s on charging. 

Plus don’t put your tablet on overnight charging. These cautions are important to be aware of facing any harmful effects on your tablet.

Operating System

Buy a tablet that operates smoothly and has an OS for android tablets and if you are apple friendly then get yourself an Apple iPad mini, it has IOS operating system. 

I would suggest you an android tablet for easy use, storage, micro SD card slots, and a good long battery. 

If operating systems don’t help you in operating your tablet, then you might have a useless investment. Because many tablets don’t have a good resale.

Convenience & Versatility

Tablets are way more convenient for reading. Because it is lightweight, compact, and easiest to handle. Moreover, they come up with a pen to operate it easily while noting down anything and for the reading purpose. You can also give this to your kids for drawing or painting. With them, you can enjoy your travels and journeys. 

No more piled-up papers on your trips. Also, when we talk about versatility, it can work for you to stream music, work, and do some assignments. Get a tablet that helps you in multitasking by putting them on audio-book mode for loud reading.


To download anything, you must have good RAM on your tablet. 2GB RAM is supreme for a better experience. If you have enough storage of RAM then your tablet will run like a tiger and you will never get irritated while downloading your foremost books.

Frequently Asked Questions-Best Tablet for Reading Comics

We come up with your answers to help you feel free to thoughts about the best tablet for reading comics.

Which Kindle Can You Read Comics On?

If you want to read digitally then kindle fire is the best option to read on. You can avail yourself of unlimited kindle service by subscribing. For instance, ComiXology unlimited. It’s a kindle app on which you can easily read comics digitally.

Do Comics Work On Kindle Paperwhite?

If you’re a real fan of graphic novels, comics, and manga then yes you can read them all on paperwhite. It displays each panel separately; you just have to tap to turn the paper. When you will reach don’t the last one that is the next page in a printed paper version.

Is Kindle Better Than The Apple Ipad Mini For Reading?

The iPad is the best workmate for all comic fans. Amazon paperwhite is a good option to read for those who love to read books. Depending on how much you want to spend your time reading and if you want good quality time then the iPad is a good choice to read.

What Better Use to Read Comics Digitally, A Computer Or Tablet?

Although both are good options for reading comics but depends on how you want to read. But I would personally suggest you tablet or iPad. Because they are a good carrying option that you can carry them anywhere with you.
Moreover, you can read on a tablet no matter whatever you’re doing. For instance, while lying, sitting, cooking, or doing anything. You don’t have to stop your work to read on it nor to do any formality for it.
Whereas computers have a system with a larger screen it will take your time, electricity, and much effort.

Where Can I Read All Marvel Comics for Free?

You can download Marvel on the access marvel unlimited free comics through the app for IOS or android. Use your google play store or apple store to download them. For free comics, you will be needing a subscription and no payment information there.


Reading comic books is one of the reproductive hobbies anybody can have. To the kids till adults, it is useful for everyone. And if you get the best tablets for reading comics then you will win the war.

Because getting one is a real task with all the important features. For instance, a good display resolution, good pixels, ideal speaker, great battery timing, and enough storage to download anything.  

In this article, you will be having the list of the top 7 best tablets for comics. But I would recommend to you my two best-loved tablets. and these are Samsung galaxy s7, and Samsung tab s6.

Because these two have treasured features for the reading fans. Such as a good visual, battery, easy handling, pen, and all the fewer art details that any tablet could have. So, treat yourself with the best one. Happy shopping.

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