Windows tablets with USB port (full-sized)

Before we start our review of Windows tablets with USB ports, I want to clarify that there are several USB port types: Micro USB port. It’s an older type of port that all phones and tablets used to have.  USB-C. It came to replace the Micro-USB. All modern tablets have it. USB-A. This is a […]

Dual operating system tablets

Each operating system has its advantages, so it is not surprising that choosing which device to use can be challenging. In that case, dual operating system tablets can help. With dual boot, you can switch from one operating system to another to enjoy all the available features. But, are there any good dual OS tablets […]

Top 9 chinese Tab to buy

China is home to amazing phones and tablet brands. However, the use of these phones where previously not on a high side due to their features and functionalities which were largely limited. In recent time, the use of Chinese tablets has been on an increase. This can be largely attributed to its features, price and […]