Best Safari Extensions. How did you live without them?

Using browser extensions, you can unlock many useful features on your device and make your work easier.  If you want to empower your gadget but don’t know where to start, here’s a selection of the best Safari extensions for all occasions. There are options for MacBook, iPhone and iPad. Most of them are free. Momentum […]

What to do if you see “Notifications silenced” in iMessage

If you see “notifications silenced” when you try to send a message to someone, you might think that person has blocked you. But it’s actually caused by Focus mode.  This is also the reason why others see the “notifications silenced” message when they try to text you. Next, I’ll talk more about Focus Modes and […]

Windows tablets with USB port (full-sized)

Before we start our review of Windows tablets with USB ports, I want to clarify that there are several USB port types: Micro USB port. It’s an older type of port that all phones and tablets used to have.  USB-C. It came to replace the Micro-USB. All modern tablets have it. USB-A. This is a […]

iPad won’t connect to WiFi: here’s what to do

If your iPad doesn’t connect to WiFi, your Wi Fi router may not work correctly, or your internet provider is unavailable at the moment. But sometimes bugs happen directly on the iPad. In this article, you will find tips that help to fix the problem in almost 100% of cases. It will only take 2-5 […]

Best Wacom alternatives. Budget tablets for professional artists

Wacom makes professional-grade graphics tablets for artists. They have inexpensive tablets without a screen (Wacom Intuos), but a full pen display costs over $1,000. That may be why you want to find an alternative, less expensive option to work with. I found 9 best Wacom alternatives for beginners and professional artists. Let’s see what they […]

Best iPad for drawing

To choose the best iPad for drawing, I learned what parameters of the tablet are important for an artist’s work. Reviews from professionals in the field say that there are 3 main parameters: Performance (drawing apps are quite demanding, and you don’t want them to hang while working. The response speed of the Apple Pencil […]

Android app not updating: Fixed

In this article, I will tell you what to do if the Android apps are not updating. As a rule, the solution is very simple and takes a few minutes. These methods will help if the update is stuck on your phone or tablet on different Android versions.  Before we start Often we forget basic […]

How to find lost Apple Pencil

In this article, I’m going to talk about a few ways to find a lost Apple Pencil. They will work for first and second-generation pencils. For searching, you will need the following: the compatible iPad, that you have connected the pen to; a special bluetooth tracking app. This can work even if you lost your […]

Can you factory reset iPad without Apple ID?

Unfortunately, a lot of websites describe false information about how to factory reset an iPad without Apple ID. But I will tell you the truth. The tips in this article are provided for those who have forgotten their Apple ID from their tablet or other iOS device. Anyone who wants to do the same thing […]

AirPods connected but no sound

If your AirPods are connected but no sound, it is most likely a misconfiguration or a bug. This sound issue can be easily fixed; just follow the tips in this article. They work with any model of Apple Bluetooth headphones connected to any Apple device, either phone, tablet, or MacBook. Before you start Sometimes Apple […]

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