Why does my iPad die so fast, and what to do?

Normally, your iPad should work without recharging for at least 1 day of continuous use. It is probably not normal if the battery lasts half a day or less. You should be especially concerned about the rapid discharge in standby mode when you are not using the tablet’s functions. So you may wonder: why does […]

Laptop vs iPad: pros and cons

Before buying a new device, it can be difficult to decide which is better: a laptop or an iPad. Now these two types of devices are almost interchangeable. Both a laptop and an iPad perform the same functions, although they have some differences. So what to choose? I compared a laptop vs iPad for pros […]

How To Stop Websites from Redirecting on Android?

Imagine you are opening a web page that has something important, and suddenly you are redirected to some other page. How will you feel? You will feel annoyed and frustrated. I’m sure all of you must have gone through that feeling once in a lifetime. But have you ever thought about how to stop websites […]

How to clean tablet screen

Research shows that your mobile phone’s or tablet’s screen is high-touch on surfaces. It is why these are the dirtiest surface that you can touch. So, there are high chances that your screen requires a deep clean to eliminate all the germs and fingerprints. But now the question is “how to clean tablet screen safely?”. […]

How to screenshot on Samsung tablet

Samsung tablets are relatively popular nowadays due to their excellent functionality. But, since there are so many different versions of the Samsung tabs. It makes it very tricky to find the perfect way how to screenshot on Samsung tablet. Please note that every Samsung tablet has its specifications and settings. Today I will tell you […]

How to screenshot on iPad pro 2020

Got a new iPad? Came across a scrumptious recipe? Had an unbelievable victory in a game? Found the most picturesque scenery? Or an exciting post on Facebook or a web page? All this makes you wonder how to screenshot on iPad Pro 2020? Don’t worry. You are at the right place. In my article today, […]

Top Ways to Find Your Lost Phone or Tablet

😀 Don’t Worry Everyone Does It Whether you dropped your phone while out one night or if someone lifted your tablet while riding the subway, losing a device can be easier than you think. Usually, you won’t leave your phone on the bar at a convenient time. Instead, your device will grow legs when you […]