Should I get an iPad with cellular? 

When choosing a new iPad, you might wonder, should I get an iPad with cellular, or is a WiFi-only model enough? You’ll have to pay extra for this feature, so no one wants to throw the money away. So I decided to figure out what the advantages of cellular versions are and who really needs […]

Is 64gb enough for iPad? Best tips to help you decide

As Apple offers tablets with different storage options and for extra gigabytes you have to pay extra, many people wonder: is 64GB enough for iPad? Since the iPad does not support a memory card, you need to make the right choice initially. Here’s the answer right away: considering that all apps and even the browser […]

Apple pencil 1 vs 2. Which one is better?

Perhaps you’re thinking about buying or replacing your Apple Pencil but don’t know which option is better: the first generation or the second? Apple presented the Pencil 1 in 2015 and the second in 2018. Of course, a lot has changed since then, but both are still available. To help you choose, I wrote a […]

Why does my iPad keep turning on and off

If your iPad suddenly glitches and keeps rebooting, there may be software problems. Usually, you need to update or restore the system in such a case. However, there are also other causes that you can try to fix in several ways. Keep reading, and you will find the answer to your question, “Why does my […]

Why does my iPad die so fast, and what to do?

Normally, your iPad should work without recharging for at least 1 day of continuous use. It is probably not normal if the battery lasts half a day or less. You should be especially concerned about the rapid discharge in standby mode when you are not using the tablet’s functions. So you may wonder: why does […]

Laptop vs iPad: pros and cons

Before buying a new device, it can be difficult to decide which is better: a laptop or an iPad. Now these two types of devices are almost interchangeable. Both a laptop and an iPad perform the same functions, although they have some differences. So what to choose? I compared a laptop vs iPad for pros […]

Best Tablets For Writers

With the advancement in technology all over the globe, tablets have become a best friend to writers. They come in handy when inspiration strikes. What makes them great is that they are lightweight and portable with touchscreen keyboard to give a seamless performance. However, where the problem lies is in finding high-quality tablets for writers. […]

Best Tablets Under 250

Are you still unable to find the best tablet for you even after surfing through thousands of websites? If so, look no further. We’re here to help you out. Whether you’re looking for a best tablets under 250 to fulfill your daily operations or you want an extraordinary tablet for playing games, we would help […]

Top 9 chinese Tab to buy

China is home to amazing phones and tablet brands. However, the use of these phones where previously not on a high side due to their features and functionalities which were largely limited. In recent time, the use of Chinese tablets has been on an increase. This can be largely attributed to its features, price and […]