7 Cheapest Tablets with Stylus

During my research, I discovered that the cheapest tablets with a stylus are Chinese tablets like GOWIN, CHUWI, or ZONKO. Their price is about the same, 120-150 dollars. I belong to the people who are skeptical about these devices, but I have tried to choose a more or less good one. It will be suitable […]

Why is my tablet not charging

My sister recently had a problem with her tablet. She wrote: “I put it on charge and it seems to charge, but nothing happens. The battery dies immediately. I use the same charger I always use. Could you check to see why my tablet is not charging?” Unfortunately, there was a lot of blatantly stupid […]

iPad VS iPad Pro. Which one will be better for you?

I compared iPad VS iPad Pro in all parameters to determine which will be better for you. You’ll find out if you should overpay $400 for more advanced features or if a simpler and cheaper option will do. Briefly about the 2022 models update For this article, I picked up the latest models, the Apple […]

Why is my front camera not working

Here’s a quick answer to the question “Why is my front camera not working” (information relevant to both phones and tablets):  there is not enough internal memory left on your mobile device; third-party apps are causing a crash; there is a software glitch or configuration failure; some device parts are faulty (this can happen after […]

What to do if there is no sound in a game on iPad 

Some people face a problem when there is no sound in a game on the iPad. At the same time, the sound is working in the audio and video player. So, what is the problem, and how to fix it? I have found five effective ways for you. We will go from the easy to […]

How soon can you give your kid tablet or phone?

Some parents give children their first tablet at 2 years old, while others think it’s too early. The problem is not only that a child can ruin an expensive thing. There is an opinion that electronic devices can hurt health. Since my site has reviews of tablets for children, I decided to do some research […]

Renewed VS Refurbished. What Does It Mean?

If you have seen the label “renewed” or “refurbished” next to some product (for example, a smartphone or tablet), it can be confusing because the meaning of these words is not clear. So I compared renewed VS refurbished devices to understand their differences and decide whether to buy such products. Renewed and Refurbished meaning In […]

Dual operating system tablets

Each operating system has its advantages, so it is not surprising that choosing which device to use can be challenging. In that case, dual operating system tablets can help. With dual boot, you can switch from one operating system to another to enjoy all the available features. But, are there any good dual OS tablets […]

Windows VS Android tablet battle

You are trying to choose a new tablet, but you doubt which is better: Windows OS or Android? I understand you. The choice is not easy, especially if you don’t know the differences between these two operating systems. So I decided to compare Windows vs Android tablets to help you decide. You’ll find out what […]

iPad taking forever to charge: what to do?

Usually, an iPad should be fully charged in 1-3 hours, depending on the model. If it takes much longer or even a whole day, it is a cause for concern. What can be the problem, and what to do if the iPad taking forever to charge? In this article, you will find the answers. 8 […]